We value your privacy highly, and we will never use your personal information for anything other than what is specified in this Privacy Policy. The terms “Play-Super-Games,” “we,” “us,” or “our” as used in this Privacy Policy refer to Play-Super-Games Limited and all of its subsidiaries.

We collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store information about users from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the European Economic Area (collectively “Europe”), as well as information about Europe users’ computing devices as a result of their use of the Apps, as described in this Privacy Policy. In the app’s settings, you can always choose your country of residence by clicking the “Country” button.

Any time you get in touch with us or use the Applications, we receive or may request information from you, including personal information. We share your information, including personal information, with our affiliates and third-party partners (as defined below) and use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as further outlined below. In addition, we may combine your information—including personal information—with other information for the purposes of providing products, services, advertising, and content enhancement.

INFORMATION WE GET FROM YOU The majority of the information we get about you directly from you when you play our apps, interact with our ads in other publishers’ apps, or play our apps. The information we collect about you generally relates to the kind of device you are using, information that helps us identify your device, and how you use our apps, it may include information you give us when you contact us voluntarily or allow us to access when you use our apps to connect to your social network accounts. If we never receive your payment or credit card information, we may also collect information about your interests and in-app purchases from app store platforms, partners, and other third parties.

  1. Technical Data We collect additional technical data that enables us to maintain and analyze the functioning of the App, personalize the App’s content, and display advertisements. Additionally, we collect technical information about your device that is required for you to use our App. The type of device you are using to play our apps, persistent identifiers like your IP address, device identifiers, ad identifiers, a unique user ID for our apps, and the country or region you are playing in are examples of this kind of information.

Permanent identifiers, such as the IP address, IDFA, IDFV, and Advertising ID, are identifiers that do not personally identify you but may nevertheless uniquely identify your device. According to European data protection legislation, such online identifiers provided by end-user devices, applications, tools, and protocols are considered personal information. Please review Section “Your Rights” to determine your rights under European data protection legislation.

We automatically collect the following information about your computer:

IP number; a nation or region;
Advertising IDs, IDFVs, and IDFAs;
Language; Locale (where a particular language is spoken);
Time zone, start and end times for sessions, network status (Wi-Fi, for example), versions and types of browser plug-ins;
Platform, SDK version, user agent string (UA), and time stamp;
Installed all Play-Super-Games apps;
Information about the technical aspects of the device, such as the model and name of the device, the name, and version of the operating system, the CPU, the storage size, the screen size, the firmware and software, the mobile phone carrier, the Internet service provider, the API key identifier for the application, and the Android Serial No.
Token for push notifications (in order for us to determine whether you are subscribed to them);
Player identifier string (only when you sign in to Google Play Games Services or Apple’s Game Center do we collect this information).
We may also collect additional information about your device in order to play video advertisements through a video platform provider, such as:

“Try not to follow” banner;
page ID;
The device’s country’s ISO code;
gadget date;
whether or not Limit Ad is turned on;
whether it’s a tablet or not
In addition, we use IDFVs to track your use of our apps on iOS devices and create a unique user ID for Android users.

UDID and IMEI numbers may still be retrieved by older versions of our apps. Please ensure that the app is updated to the most recent version available on the App Store if you want to prevent this.

  1. Advertising and Application Usage Data When you use our apps, persistent identifiers that allow us to identify your device are used to gather additional data from you. We track how you use our apps, how you interact with our ads in apps from other publishers, and how you interact with third-party ads in our apps. This information is used for analytics, advertising, cross-promotion, service delivery, and improvement.

We gather information, including log data, that reveals:

Which ads are displayed to you;
how big an advertisement is, how long it is visible to you, and what angle you look at it from;
how you respond to our ads in apps from other publishers as well as any third-party ads you see in our apps, such as how you click on them;
How you play our applications (how frequently you play the application, for how long you utilize the application, the occasions that happen inside the application, in-application progress, in-application buys you make and their worth, amassed use, execution information, lifetime worth of client and so on.);
Whether or not you use the chat feature, and if so, the contents of any messages sent through our chat system, provided that this is used solely for service operation;
Information we obtain from you when you connect to a third-party social network, as described in the “Third Party Social Networks” section.

  1. Classical Personal Information You can use our apps without providing us with any classical personal information, such as your name, address, email address, or phone number. However, we do not collect classical personal information through our apps. When you contact us directly, we will only receive your traditional personal information—such as your name, address, email address, or phone number—and will only use it to respond to your inquiry.

We may request and process non-personally identifiable information about you, such as your age range, year of birth, and gender, provided that year of birth and gender information are only collected from users who have reached the age limit in our apps.

We collect information about the name you give to your virtual pet or the nickname you choose for some of our apps, as well as your rating of the app (if any). Please use your given name.

How Your Information Is Used by Us 1. In general, the information we gather about you and your device is used to provide you with services and our apps and run our business. In addition, we use it for security enhancement, analytics, and research to ensure that you have the best possible experience with our apps and services. Furthermore, we utilize your data to advance our administrations and Applications in our applications and furthermore in other distributers’ applications and to show outsider commercials to you. We also use your information to comply with our legal obligations, advertise, and prevent fraud and attribution.

The following are the purposes for which we use your information:

Conveying and working on our administrations: We use your information to tailor our products and services, provide app updates, troubleshoot technical issues, comprehend and analyze usage trends, and administer the apps. We also use your information to develop, deliver, and improve our apps and other products, services, and content.
displaying commercials: We use your information to display third-party advertisements and advertisements for our apps in the apps of other publishers. More information can be found in the Advertising Section of this Privacy Policy.
Cross-promotion: We use your information to promote one of our apps while you are using another one of our apps, also known as cross-promoting.
Advertising attribution and the prevention of fraud: We use your information to attribute the performance of our advertising campaigns and to identify and prevent advertising fraud. Additionally, we use your information to ensure the privacy compliance of third-party advertising campaigns in our apps, as well as to improve attribution performance and advertiser visibility.
Research and analytics: We use your information to gather demographic information about our users and data about where the app was downloaded, as well as to comprehend and analyze trends in app usage. We may also produce reports and analyses for research or business intelligence, such as to test new game features and content or track potential issues or trends with our apps and services.
Security: We use your information to make our apps, products, and services safer and more secure.
Customer Service: We use your information to respond to your inquiries and provide you with customer support.
Our legal responsibilities: When we are required to by law, we use your information, such as to report taxes in your country or region.

  1. Local and push notifications are the two types of notifications that are available to us in our apps for games. Push notifications come from the server, whereas local notifications are contextual and come from the device. Users who are under the age of digital consent are never sent push notifications. We use these notifications to keep you updated on your App-related activities. These notifications will only be sent to you if you subscribe to them in the App. Please follow the steps below to unsubscribe from push notifications at any time.

For Apple iOS: After downloading an application, you will be prompted to accept or decline push notifications. You will not be notified if you refuse to accept. Please be aware that if you accept, some mobile phones will enable you to later disable notifications through the device’s settings. Please follow these instructions to manage notifications on your phone: Tap “Notifications” in the Settings menu; Locate the App; Click the App’s icon; By turning it OFF or ON, you can control the “Notifications” option.
For Windows and Android: Notifications will be sent to you automatically when an app is downloaded. By going to the “info screen” on the App’s homepage and selecting the “Settings” option, you can manage notifications on your mobile device. By unchecking the “Notification” option within the App, notifications can be disabled here.
These tokens for push notifications will be removed from our database if you choose to unsubscribe from them.

Please refer to the “Children’s Privacy” section of this Privacy Policy for information regarding information usage restrictions.

  1. Survey We are conducting surveys to enhance our services; you are free to choose whether or not to assist us. Before conducting a survey, we will always seek your consent.

For internal analysis, marketing, and brand development, we may occasionally conduct an in-app survey and collect demographic and usage data. A survey is completely voluntary to participate in. We will use the data to improve the user experience of our services. Anonymization and aggregation of collected data are required. We could possibly gather the following data: age and gender of the app user, whether another person uses the app, the age and gender of people who use the app frequently, an evaluation of the popularity of the main character, which of the characters the user is familiar with, which app is most commonly used, whether users under the age of digital consent use the app on their own or with an adult, the gender of users playing the app, various ways to use the app, an evaluation of the app’s features, the time period of using the app, which apps the user has, which Talk

For the purposes of conducting in-app surveys, we may employ third-party providers. These providers may embed their tags within an app to collect non-personally identifiable data from the device (collectively referred to as “Tag Data”) solely for the purpose of carrying out the survey. For instance, they may collect cross-device data to enable the deduplication of audiences across devices. In order to publish syndicated reports on internet behavior and trends, these providers may use the anonymized and aggregated data collected from the survey and Tag Data, as well as the data from other partners (collectively referred to as “Unified Data”) Do not deny answering the survey questions or click the survey button if you want to opt out of taking part in an in-app survey.

  1. In-App Purchases Our apps let users make purchases within the app. We do not have access to your credit card information and do not process payments for in-app purchases.

Your app store account is used to complete payment transactions for in-app purchases. The app store is in charge of all post-purchase procedures, which are subject to its own terms. Please review your app store’s terms of service and privacy policy. Please refer to the In-App Purchases Section of the End User License Agreement, which can be found at http://Play-Super-Games.com/eula/, for more information about in-app purchases in our apps. HOW WE SHARE YOUR INFORMATION We are unable to provide all of the services required for the apps to function properly on our own. As a result, we are obligated to share the data we collect with third parties, such as cloud service providers, analytics providers, attribution and fraud prevention providers, advertising providers and their attribution and fraud prevention providers, and other app development and support service providers (collectively referred to as “Partners”). We share information that can be used to personally identify your device (such as persistent identifiers like IDFA, IDFV, advertising ID, and IP address) to develop and deliver our services, display advertisements, conduct analysis and research, and evaluate the performance of our advertising campaigns and those of our Partners. In addition, if we are required to do so by law, we reserve the right to disclose your information, including personally identifiable information, in an anonymous and aggregated manner, so that you cannot be personally identified from it.

We may disclose such data to:

Our providers of analytics: We use third-party analytics like BigQuery and Firebase Analytics to provide our services and conduct research and analysis. Visit “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps” at www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/ to learn more about how your data is collected and processed. Additionally, we have integrated data from the Google Play Developer Console, such as Impressions, Downloads, and Traffic Sources, into a Google Analytics account to track the number of times users viewed or downloaded our apps from Google Play. Encoded data is shared with such providers on our devices. These data may be assigned a random ID by the providers, but they are unable to match it to You. The data can be aggregated for the benchmarking feature.
Our providers of cloud services: Our third-party cloud service providers, such as Google Cloud Platform, Google’s Android Backup Service, Firebase Cloud Messaging, and Firebase Realtime Database, provide the servers on which we store the information we collect from you.
Our providers for attribution and fraud prevention: For the purposes of measuring performance, optimizing our advertising campaigns, displaying advertisements, conducting analysis to improve our services, and preventing fraud, we use attribution and fraud prevention providers like Apps Flyer for some of our apps. These providers may be able to collect and analyze user and device-related data and information through our apps’ APIs and SDKs, such as impressions, clicks, installs or other performance indicators for advertising campaigns and post-install in-app events. For the purposes of attribution performance, ad visibility, and privacy compliance of third-party SDKs in our apps, we use attribution and data collection tools from our service providers for some of our apps.
Partners in third-party advertising: We have signed agreements with a few third-party advertising networks to help us deliver advertisements to you, allowing us to keep providing the apps for free or at low prices. Advertising providers listed at http://Play-Super-Games.com/third-party-ad-providers/ are examples of such third-party advertising partners; additional details can be found in the Advertising Section of this Privacy Policy.
Provider of third-party attribution for the advertising partner: For the purpose of measuring the performance of their advertising campaigns, we permit our advertising partners to track impressions, clicks, installs, and other performance indicators of their advertising campaigns through their attribution providers. They may use third-party attribution providers they own.
Support for customers is built in: We provide an in-app customer support tool in some of our apps, making it easier and faster for users to get answers. In addition to answering frequently asked questions, the tool lets users get in touch with us through the App. Zendesk offers the in-app customer support tool. Zendesk’s privacy policy can be found at https://www.zendesk.com/company/agreements-and-terms/privacy-policy/ and desk.com/company/agreements-and-terms/privacy-policy/__.
Video hosting service provider: JW Player, a third-party video hosting service, is used in some of our apps to help us deliver video content to you. Their privacy policy can be found at https://www.jwplayer.com/privacy/, where you can learn more about their data processing practices. Unity Software is used to create some of our apps. Please review Unity’s privacy policy at https://unity3d.com/legal/privacy-policy for information regarding data processing. We develop some apps in collaboration with third-party developer studios. These third-party developer studios do not have access to any of your personal information; all they have is aggregated data that they are unable to link to you.
In the future, we may hire new Partners or alter our current ones to provide any services related to the Apps. In the event that our data processing practices change significantly, these changes will be updated twice a year or as soon as possible.

In response to the law, legal process, litigation, and/or requests from public and governmental authorities within or outside your country of residence, we reserve the right to disclose your information, including personally identifiable information. If we determine that disclosure is necessary or appropriate for purposes of national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance, we may also disclose information about you. We may likewise reveal data about you assuming we establish that exposure is sensibly important to uphold our agreements or to safeguard our activities, clients or client experience. We may also transfer any and all information we collect, including personally identifiable information, to the relevant third party in the event of a reorganization, merger, or sale.

Please send any additional inquiries regarding the collection of information from third parties to [email protected].

Advertising We need to share the information we collect from you with our third-party advertising partners so that they can assist us in delivering advertisements to you in order to provide our apps for free or at a low cost. At the point when you utilize our applications, we depend on our real interest to show relevant commercials to you. We will always seek your consent before disclosing any information to our advertising partners for the purpose of interest-based advertising.

We display contextual advertisements to you when you use our apps. We allow our advertising partners to collect advertising identifiers, such as advertising ID on Android and IDFA on iOS, which are regarded as personal information under European data protection laws. However, they should only use these identifiers for contextual advertising. This is done so that we can enable advertising. For some other purposes they ought to utilize the data exclusively on anonymized and collected premise, this implies in a way that can’t be followed back to your gadget.

The advertisements you see are more relevant to you and are based on your app and device usage, online behavior, and interests (commonly referred to as online behavioral or interest-based advertising) if you have consented to the sharing of your personal information for the purposes of interest-based advertising. The “Interest-based Advertising” Section of this Privacy Policy contains additional information regarding the sharing of your personal information for the purposes of interest-based advertising.

We respect your preferences for privacy on your device because we value your privacy and adhere to accepted market practices as well as applicable laws. All advertising providers are required to comply with this setting, and you can opt out of interest-based advertising by using “Limit Ad Tracking” on your iOS device or “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads” on your Android device. However, we are unable to make any guarantees on their behalf. We will not share your advertising ID with advertisers for the purpose of interest-based advertising if you choose to withdraw your consent, which is accessible through our apps.

You can track down the setting for your cell phone by following the headings beneath or contact your gadget supplier.

iOS DEVICE If you have iOS 7 or later, go to your Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Enable the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting. If you have iOS 6 or later, go to your Settings > General > About > Advertising > Enable the “Limit Ads Tracking” setting. You can learn more about the iOS setting here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202074 ANDROID DEVICE For Android devices running an operating system that is at least 2.2 and Google Play Services that are at least 4.0:

Enable “Opt Out of Interest-Based Advertising” in the Google Ads section of your Settings app. THIRD-PARTY SOCIAL NETWORKS Some of our apps let you connect to third-party social networks, share the content you create in them on those networks, or participate in leaderboards or multiplayer games. You will be able to use your account to log in on multiple devices and synchronize progress across those devices if you connect to a third-party social network like Apple Game Center or Google Play Games Service. You might be able to connect with your friends, compete against them, and interact with them if you connect to a third-party social network like Facebook (for more information, please see “Special Privacy Features In Some Of Our Apps”). You can share the content you create in one of our apps with third-party social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Vkontakte. We will receive some of the information you have on your social network account when you log in to your account or use the app to share content on social networks (please see more below).

  1. Connecting to Third-Party Social Networks Some of our apps use services provided by third parties, such as Apple Game Center, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Vkontakte (collectively referred to as “Third-Party Social Networks”). By using our app’s “Log in with” or “Connect to” feature, you can connect to these apps by logging in with your Third Party Social Network account. The content you create within the app can also be shared on third-party social networks. Please be aware that the privacy policies, terms, and end-user agreements of Third Party Social Networks govern them, and we are not accountable for the sharing practices or policies of the third parties that run those sites. You can get in touch with us at [email protected] with any additional inquiries.
  2. Information We May Receive When You Connect to Third-Party Social Networks The information you grant us access to varies from app to app and is influenced by your and your friends’ privacy settings on those Third-Party Social Networks. These settings are yours to control and learn more about at the Third Party Social Network in question. We may access and store some or all of the following information when you use the “Log in with” or “Connect to” features, depending on your permission, Third Party Social Networks, and your preferences: i) your name, surname, profile picture, age range, gender, and other publicly available information from your public profile; ( ii) a list of your friends, as well as your email address, login ID, and/or player identifier string; iv) any additional information that is described in detail and presented to you in the notice that is displayed during the “Log in with” or “Connect to” procedure. With regard to the relevant app, we may share your name, profile picture, and game data (such as moves, app progress, and scores) with your friends who have also used the “Log in with” or “Connect to” feature, as well as with your contacts in the relevant third-party social media network account.

In addition, the app might ask you to let us post on your behalf on these third-party social networks (for example, status updates, photos, and e-cards). Please keep in mind that we will only do so if you give us permission, and we will keep your ID number and full name for user identification. In order for the app to communicate directly with a third-party social network, other information will only be stored within the app on your device; Voice recordings from apps are also only collected and stored on your behalf within the apps.

  1. How You Share Your Information on Third-Party Social Networks If you use Third-Party Social Networks to participate in game-related activities like leaderboards and multi-player games, you share your information (such as scores, rankings, and achievements) with other players and Third-Party Social Networks.

SPECIAL PRIVACY FEATURES IN SOME OF OUR APPS Some of our apps let you talk to a virtual character, but you’ll always have to give us permission to use the microphone before you can do so. These apps don’t have a way to record audio; read on for more information. You can compete with your friends, chat with them, and interact and connect with them through special features in some of our apps. These features also share additional information with others and collect additional information from you. If you are not comfortable with all of the additional information that is collected when you use these features, please do not use them. You can learn more about these features below. Please be aware that we may age-gate some of these features, preventing users under the age of digital consent from using them.

You can talk to the app’s virtual character through some of our apps. Every one of our apps with this feature will always ask you first for permission to use your device’s microphone. The virtual character will be able to repeat what you say to him if you give us permission. Please keep in mind that our apps do not have a recording feature. As a result, the words you say to the virtual character are not saved on our servers; rather, the app uses them to repeat them to you in real time. The virtual character will be unable to repeat after you if you refuse to grant us access to your device’s microphone.

You can compete and interact with your Facebook friends in some of our apps, but you need to log in with your Facebook account. The App will receive your friend list and public profile if you do this. You can uncheck the box next to the permission for sharing the list of friends in the notice that appears during the “Log in with Facebook” process if you do not want the app to share your friend list. The App will display your public Facebook profile to your Facebook friends if you choose to login with your Facebook account.

Some of our apps can be played by one person or in a group. In a multiplayer mode you can play coordinates with irregular players or your Facebook companions. These apps will require you to select a name. Please refrain from using your real name. By selecting “Change Name” from “Settings,” you can always change your name. When playing in a multiplayer mode with random players, both your name and rank will be publicly visible. You must log in with your Facebook account in order to play matches with your Facebook friends. The App will receive your friend list and public profile if you do this. You can uncheck the box next to the list if you do not want to share it with the App. However, unless you grant the app permission to share your public profile, you will not be able to play matches with your Facebook friends. When you play with your Facebook friends or random players, the application will display your public profile if you choose to log in with your Facebook account.

With in-app chat available in some of our apps, you can talk to your friends who are also using the same app. Our chat service allows users to communicate with other players. We make use of and store your messages: a) to get your points across; and (b) to let you and the people you send messages to see your message history (please note that your in-app chat messages won’t be accessible for one month). We reserve the right to check the content of your messages, including through the use of automatic filters, to make sure you’re following our terms of service. We also reserve the right to prevent you from using our chat service or from sending messages for any reason. We will not make any other use of the content of your chat messages.

THIRD PARTY TERMS AND CONDITIONS Our apps may link to products, services, or websites of third parties. The Apps may, for instance, offer deals from third-party advertisers or allow users to conduct business with them. Please keep in mind that when you use these third-party services, you are using websites, products, and services that were created and run by people or businesses that are not under our control or affiliation. We have no control over what these individuals or businesses do, the content of their websites, the products or services they provide, how they use the information you give them, or any products or services they may provide. The fact that we provide a link to these third parties does not imply that we endorse or have any kind of affiliation with them. In addition, the linking does not imply approval of the third party’s privacy or information security practices or compliance with laws. Privacy policies of third parties govern the information they collect, which may include contact information or location data. We urge you to become familiar with the privacy policies of any third parties with whom you interact.

CHILDREN’S PRIVACY Although our products and services are not intended for children, we do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of digital consent in accordance with European data protection legislation, with the sole exception of persistent identifiers as described below. Although we consider ourselves to be family-oriented, we have made the decision to voluntarily implement higher child protection standards. We will take all reasonable steps to delete the information as soon as possible if we learn that we have collected personal information other than a persistent identifier of a child under the age of digital consent in accordance with European data protection legislation. Please contact us at [email protected] if you discover that your child has provided us with personal information without your permission.

According to European data protection legislation, we age-gated some of the features in our apps so that they are not accessible to children under the age of digital consent in order to maintain the apps’ family-friendly reputation. After some of our apps have been downloaded, an age gate is in place to protect the privacy of younger users of our apps. With the exception of persistent identifiers, the features that enable the potential collection and sharing of personally identifiable information are disabled for users who did not pass the age gate. For client’s security, it is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to change the age later. We only store the information that their unique user ID did not pass the age gate in our apps, and we do not store the year of birth of users who have identified themselves as below the age of digital consent in accordance with Europe data protection legislation.

Persistent identifiers (such as device ID, IDFA, IDFV, advertising ID, publisher provided ID, and IP address) are the only personal information we collect from users who have indicated that they are under the age of digital consent in accordance with European data protection legislation in order to provide our services. These persistent identifiers are only shared with third parties for the purposes of placing contextual advertisements, including frequency capping, fraud prevention, attribution, and billing, authenticating App users, personalizing App content (such as sending push notifications), maintaining or analyzing App functionality, and performing network communications to safeguard the user’s or App’s security or integrity.

According to European data protection legislation, we will not use persistent identifiers to contact users under the age of digital consent, display behavioral advertising to them, or conduct user tracking or profiling. Please refer to the Privacy Policy’s section titled “How do we share your information” for more specific information regarding disclosure to third parties. Click here for more information about how users under the age of digital consent are disclosed to third-party service providers. Please send an email to [email protected] with any additional inquiries regarding the disclosure of information to third parties.

PRIVO Protects Children’s Privacy: GDPRkidsTM Play-Super-Games Limited is a member of the GDPRkidsTM PRIVO Kids Privacy Assured Program (hereinafter “the Program”). The independent, third-party organization PRIVO is dedicated to safeguarding personal information gathered online about children. The digital properties listed on the validation page, which can be viewed by clicking on the PRIVO GDPR kidsTM Verified Shield, are eligible for participation in the Program. In order to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the PRIVO GDPR _kidsTM _Privacy Assured Program supports information society services for children. It influences any kid coordinated help in an EU Part State and any assistance worldwide that gathers as well as cycles the individual information of youngsters and minors. We regularly monitor and consult to ensure that this company’s services meet the program’s requirements, but there is currently no safe harbor for the GDPR.

GDPR kids™ Security Guaranteed

Privo seal

EPRIVACY Application Certificate PROGRAM
Play-Super-Games is partaking in the ePrivacyApp confirmation program (“the Program”). Digital data security is the focus of the independent, third-party organization known as ePrivacy. In order to guarantee that Play-Super-Games’s Talking Tom and Friends and other characters applications meet the stringent requirements in the field of data protection and can provide a high level of security for end-user information, the applications are subjected to a comprehensive inspection and certification as part of the Program. The ePrivacyApp certification seal indicates that Play-Super-Games’s applications comply with European data privacy laws, the IAB Europe OBA Framework, recognized high technical safety standards for applications, and anticipated changes to data privacy regulations and safety standards.

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices.