Welcome to Play-Super-Games! In this Terms of Service (the “TOS”), the words “Play-Super-Games,” “we,” or “our” mean Play-Super-Games Interactive Entertainment Technology Co. ,Ltd. and its relevant affiliates for the purpose of distributing Play-Super-Games Applications in the countries and/or regions that correspond to them.

Play-Super-Games Users are provided by us with the following: Games publisher networks, crowdsourcing services and platforms (also referred to as “Networks”) associated with Play-Super-Games Applications and Third-Party Mobile Applications (described below), web domains and subdomains, including our “Sites,” and web forums or messaging boards in Play-Super-Games Applications and our Sites (also referred to as “Forums” in this document) are all examples of our mobile and web applications (collectively, “Play-Super-Games Applications”). Our “Services” include all of our Play-Super-Games applications, networks, websites, and forums. Due to their binding nature, these Terms govern your access to and use of our Services, Play-Super-Games Content, and User Content (described below). By clicking on the “Sign Up” button wherever it is available, accessing or using our services, or downloading or posting content through our services, you indicate that you have read, comprehended, and agree to be bound by these terms, regardless of whether you have registered as a member (described below). You are advised not to access or use our services or Play-Super-Games content if you do not agree to these terms. You may be required to agree to or accept additional Rules pertaining to certain Services or Play-Super-Games Content, or you may be subject to different Service-specific or Play-Super-Games Content-specific terms and conditions (“Rules”). With regard to your use of or access to the Play-Super-Games Content or the Service, the applicable Rules will prevail if these Terms conflict with any Service-specific or Play-Super-Games Content-specific Rules. Additionally, Play-Super-Games provides access to third-party mobile applications created by third-party publishers and accessible through our Services (each a “Third-Party Mobile Application”). The terms and conditions of use set forth by the Third-Party Publisher of any Third-Party Mobile Application (the “Third-Party Terms”) govern access to and use of any Third-Party Mobile Application.

  1. Changes Play-Super-Games reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify, discontinue, or terminate our Services, including any portion thereof, globally or individually, as well as these Terms. You will be informed of any changes to these Terms by either posting them as amended or by other means. You are indicating that you agree to be bound by the modified Terms by continuing to access or use our Services after we have posted or provided you with notice of a modification. We advise you to stop using our services if you do not agree with the revised Terms.
  2. No Use That Is Illegal or Prohibited By utilizing our services, you warrant to Play-Super-Games that you will not use them or any content obtained from them for any purpose that is against these Terms.
  3. Eligibility and Signing Up To use all of our Services’ features and post any User Content, you must sign up to become a “Member” and create a Play-Super-Games account (each Play-Super-Games account is referred to collectively as a “Play-Super-Games Account”). If you are under the legal age of majority where you access the services, you agree to represent that your legal guardian has read, comprehended, and accepted these terms. When you sign up for a Play-Super-Games Account, you agree to keep an eye on it to prevent minors from using it. Any unauthorized use of our services by minors, including the use of your credit cards or other payment or settlement instruments or devices, is entirely your responsibility. You will be required to provide certain information during the registration process, such as your email address, and you will create a username and password. During the registration process, you agree to provide information that is accurate, complete, and up-to-date, and to update that information to keep it accurate, complete, and up-to-date. If any of the information you provide during the registration process or afterward turns out to be incorrect, out-of-date, or not complete, Play-Super-Games reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Play-Super-Games Account. You can only browse or use limited portions of our Services that are not restricted to Members if you are not a member. Your password security is your responsibility. You agree that you will be solely responsible for all activities that occur under your Play-Super-Games Account, regardless of whether you have authorized them or not, and that you will not give anyone else access to your Play-Super-Games Account or share your password with them. Any unauthorized use of your Play-Super-Games Account will be reported to Play-Super-Games immediately. Even though we use the term “your” to describe a Play-Super-Games account you registered for, you agree that you have no ownership or other property interest in the account and that all rights in and to it belong to Play-Super-Games and will always be for its benefit.
  4. Play-Super-Games’s Privacy Policy also governs your use of our services. Please contact us via email at: if you have any questions about the Play-Super-Games Privacy Policy. [email protected].
  5. Content Our Services provide access to the following categories of content: Text, data, graphics, images, photos, video or audiovisual content, hypertext links, and any other content that a member uploads, transmits, or submits on or through our Services is referred to as “User Content.” Text, data, graphics, illustrations, forms, documents, marketing materials, look and feel attributes, trademarks, and logos of Play-Super-Games or our licensors, Play-Super-Games Applications and Third-Party Mobile Applications, and any other content that Play-Super-Games makes available on or through our Services, including any customizations but excluding User Content, are all considered to be Play-Super-Games Content. When a member or a non-registered user customizes a Play-Super-Games character using one of Play-Super-Games’s interactive templates or design tools, customizations refer to the changes, designs, or enhancements made to Play-Super-Games Content. To clear up any confusion, User Content is not included in Customizations.
  6. Ownership Copyright, trademark, and the other People’s Republic of China and international laws safeguard our services and Play-Super-Games Content. Except as otherwise specified in these Terms, Play-Super-Games and our licensors are the sole owners of all rights, title, and interest in the Play-Super-Games Content and the Services, as well as any and all associated intellectual property rights (collectively, “Intellectual Property Rights”), such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, database rights, domain name rights, applications for any of the foregoing, moral rights, and trade secrets. You hereby waive any copyright or other rights you may have in any Customizations, and Play-Super-Games will hold all rights, title, and interest in and to those Customizations. Copyright, trademark, service mark, or other proprietary rights notices that are included in or accompany Play-Super-Games Content or our services will not be removed, altered, or obscured by you.
  7. Play-Super-Games Content License Play-Super-Games grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to access, view, download, and print any Play-Super-Games Content for your personal, non-commercial use, subject to your compliance with these Terms. Except as expressly permitted by these Terms, you will not use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works based on, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, stream, or otherwise exploit the Services or Play-Super-Games Content. Except for the licenses and rights explicitly granted by these Terms, you are not granted any licenses or rights under any intellectual property rights owned or controlled by Play-Super-Games or its licensors.
  8. User Content You grant Play-Super-Games a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license to use, copy, adapt, modify, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, stream, broadcast, and otherwise exploit any User Content you make available on or through our Services. Nothing in these Terms shall be deemed to restrict any rights that you may have to use and exploit any such User Content. Play-Super-Games does not claim ownership rights in any such User Content. All User Content that you make available on or through our Services is solely your responsibility, as you acknowledge and agree. As a result, you warrant and represent that: You must either possess all rights, licenses, consents, and releases required to grant Play-Super-Games the rights in such User Content as contemplated by these Terms or you must be the sole and exclusive owner of all User Content that you make available on or through our Services; In addition, neither Play-Super-Games’s use of the User Content (or any portion thereof) nor your posting, uploading, publication, submission, or transmittal of the User Content will infringe, misappropriate, or violate a third party’s Intellectual Property Rights, rights of publicity, or privacy, or violate any applicable law or regulation.
  9. No use that infringes.
    You will not use our services to offer, display, distribute, transmit, route, provide connections to, or store any material that violates copyrighted works or other intellectual property rights of third parties.
  10. Ratings, Chat, Comments, and Feedback You can chat with other users and post comments about content on or through our Services (collectively referred to as “Comments”). Play-Super-Games encourages you to practice mindfulness and great judgment while leaving such Remarks. In most cases, we do not moderate, review, or monitor your comments. You shouldn’t expect to be able to edit your comments after they are completed and submitted on or through our services, nor should you expect us to edit or delete your comments on your behalf. If your comments are found to be defamatory, you should be aware that you could be held legally liable for any harm done to a person’s reputation. Play-Super-Games disclaims any and all liability in connection with its ability to monitor or censor Comments, notwithstanding any other terms or conditions of these Terms. Play-Super-Games reserves the right, notwithstanding the foregoing, to remove any comments it deems to be improper, inappropriate, or incompatible with the online activities permitted by these Terms. We welcome and encourage your feedback, comments, and suggestions for enhancing our services (collectively referred to as “Feedback”). You can use our Services’ Feedback system or send us an email at [email protected] to provide feedback. All of your rights, title, and interests in and to all Feedback, including but not limited to all worldwide Intellectual Property Rights therein, are hereby irrevocably assigned to Play-Super-Games. You also acknowledge and agree that all Feedback will be the sole and exclusive property of Play-Super-Games. In addition, we are not obligated to compensate you for any feedback. You will assist Play-Super-Games in acquiring, perfecting, and maintaining its Intellectual Property Rights and other legal protections pertaining to the Feedback, and you will do so at Play-Super-Games’s request and expense.
  11. Virtual Items and Virtual Currency Play-Super-Games owns, licenses, or otherwise owns the rights to use all Play-Super-Games Content that appears in the Services, Play-Super-Games Applications, or Third-Party Mobile Applications. This includes virtual currency and virtual items (collectively referred to as “Virtual Currency”). Virtual Currency and Items are provided solely for your entertainment and personal use, can only be used in Play-Super-Games or Third-Party Mobile Applications, and have no “real world” value. You only get a limited license to use Virtual Items and Virtual Currency in Play-Super-Games Applications or Third-Party Mobile Applications in accordance with these Terms or any other applicable terms when you purchase or receive them. Your ownership of virtual items and virtual currency is not transferred to you, and they are not your personal property. Prices, quantities, and types of Virtual Items and Virtual Currency are subject to change without notice. You may also receive virtual currency and virtual items that are altered or discontinued at any time without notice. You are prohibited from selling, transferring, or attempting to sell Virtual Items or Virtual Currency. The only exception to this rule is the ability to exchange those Virtual Items and Virtual Currency (also known as “Tradable Items”) that cannot be purchased with “real world” money (also known as “Tradable Items”) for other Tradable Items within the Services, Play-Super-Games Applications, and Third-Party Mobile Applications, provided that no money or anything of monetary value is paid or given for Tradable Items. some other implied or endeavored trade is totally restricted. You can never exchange your virtual items and virtual currency for “real world” cash, goods, wares, services, or anything else of monetary value from Play-Super-Games or anyone else.
  12. Refunds In accordance with applicable law, (i) unless they are defective, unavailable, or fail to perform in accordance with the specifications we provide, all games, virtual items, and virtual currency remain our property and cannot be exchanged for “real world” money or anything of monetary value; (ii) ii) We reserve the right to revoke your license to such Games, Virtual Items, and/or Virtual Currency at any time in accordance with these Terms of Service, with or without prior notice to you; And (iii) unless the law in your jurisdiction provides a right of withdrawal that cannot be waived by contract, by purchasing and using any Games, Virtual Items, or Virtual Currency, you agree that you will not be eligible for a refund or other alternative remedy in relation to those Games, Virtual Items, or Virtual Currency. In addition, unless otherwise mandated by applicable law, you acknowledge and agree that the moment your game, virtual items, and/or virtual currency are purchased and delivered, any withdrawal rights cease. Your statutory rights are unaffected by this section.
  13. Overview of Subscription Service 13.1 Membership Administration is a customary period-based help that will be naturally enacted when you affirm your memberships. Prices for the Subscription Service will be listed at the time of purchase, and they may change depending on the country or region’s exchange rate.

As part of your subscription services, you may have access to specific Subscription Contents. You are granted a limited license to use these Subscription Contents under the terms of the TOS, not a sale of them. If you break this agreement, your license to use these Subscription Contents will end at the end of your subscription period or immediately.

Your Game Account ID is associated with the subscription services, which are non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise specified in writing in this Agreement. It’s possible that our subscription services are only currently available for our games that can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play, and they may not be available in all regions. It’s possible that not all of our games are compatible with subscription services.

13.2 Payments and Renewals Made Automatically You authorize Play-Super-Games to charge the Subscription Amount from the payment account you provide when you sign up for a Subscription or the account you bound up with your Game Account (the “Payment Account”), unless and until you turn OFF AUTOMATIC RENEWAL. If AUTOMATIC RENEWAL is set, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the current subscription term for successful periods matching the automatic renewal term. If you have insufficient funds, no Payment Method has been set up to renew automatically on the due date, or if any other reason prevents you from making a payment, Play-Super-Games may cancel your subscription.

To avoid the renewal of your subscription and the payment of the subscription amount, you can turn off automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the then-current period. For Apple Store player, go to: [ Settings]>>Apple ID>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You can access Google Play Players by going to: [Payments & Subscriptions] > [Subscriptions] > [Cancel Subscription] in the Play Store.

Your subscription will remain active until the end of its term if you disable automatic renewal, and you will not receive a refund for any time that is left on it. Play-Super-Games has the right to delete any data that is associated with your Subscription, including backed-up game save data, at any time following the expiration or termination of the Subscription for any reason.

13.3 Free Test Drives Unless otherwise specified, this Agreement applies to any free trial period that may be included with your subscription (a “Free Trial”). Free Trials may be restricted in their availability. During the Free Trial, some game services, content, and benefits of full Subscriptions may not be available or limited.

Unless you disable automatic renewal prior to the end of the free trial, your free trial may automatically convert into a full subscription at the end of the trial period. The Free Trial period will be considered abandoned if you begin the full subscription before the trial period ends. We will charge you the Subscription Service prices once your Free Trial is converted to a subscription and on a regular basis thereafter unless and until you disable automatic renewal as outlined in Section 13.2.

13.4 Adjustment. Pricing and subscription duration for the Subscription Service are subject to change by us. At any time, at our sole discretion, we reserve the right to modify, suspend, or end any subscription, including any free trials and associated services. You will be informed of any significant price or other changes to the Subscriptions Services. After being informed of any changes, your continued use of the Subscriptions signifies your acceptance of those changes. Without prior notice or liability, we may also limit the services you use or the content of your Subscriptions.

  1. Taxes You are liable for all fees and taxes incurred by you or anyone else using a Play-Super-Games Account that is registered to you and will pay them.
  2. Providers of mobile operating software and third-party publishers (collectively referred to as “OS Providers”) download mobile applications among other things. Please be aware that in addition to complying with these Terms (and the terms and conditions of any applicable Third-Party Publisher), you must also comply with the terms and conditions of such virtual storefront or marketplace, such as Google’s Android Market, if you download Play-Super-Games Applications or Third-Party Mobile Applications from an OS Provider’s marketplace or virtual storefront. Although Play-Super-Games is not a party to any license agreement between you and any Third-Party Publishers regarding Third-Party Mobile Applications, you acknowledge and agree that Play-Super-Games is a third-party beneficiary of the end user license agreement for each Third-Party Mobile Application. In addition, you acknowledge and agree that Play-Super-Games, as a third-party beneficiary, will have the authority to enforce the license to any Third-Party Mobile Application against you if you accept its terms and conditions.
  3. Interactions with Other Users You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Play-Super-Games Users, including any disagreements. You are solely responsible for using our services and disclosing personal information to other Play-Super-Games users, even if we decide to offer report user, block user, or similar features. You must use discretion, common sense, and common sense with care. If you decide to meet a Play-Super-Games User in person or offline, you agree to take reasonable precautions in all interactions with them. Your utilization of our Administrations, Play-Super-Games Content, Client Content and some other substance made accessible through our Administrations is at your only gamble and prudence and Play-Super-Games thus disavows all obligation to you or any outsider relating thereto. In accordance with applicable law, Play-Super-Games reserves the right to contact Members to assess compliance with these Terms and any other applicable Rules. Any suspected illegal, fraudulent, or improper activity will be thoroughly investigated by Play-Super-Games with your full cooperation, which will include granting authorized Play-Super-Games representatives access to password-protected portions of your Play-Super-Games Account.
  4. General Restrictions While using our Services, Play-Super-Games Content, or User Content, you agree not to do any of the following:

Text, graphics, images, software, music, audio, video, information, or any other material that infringes, misappropriates, or violates a third party’s Intellectual Property Rights, rights of publicity, or privacy may be posted, uploaded, published, submitted, or transmitted.

violates any applicable law or regulation or would result in civil liability, or encourages such behavior;

is erroneous, false, obfuscatory, or deceptive;

is obscene, vulgar, pornographic, defamatory, or offensive; advances separation, extremism, bigotry, scorn, badgering or damage against any individual or gathering;

promotes violence or actions that pose a threat to others, or is violent or threatening;

use or offer supplementary services to others that are not included in the Services (or the App Store’s functionality), such as hosting, “leveling” services, mirroring our servers, matchmaking, emulation, communication redirects, mods, hacks, cheats, bots (or any other automated control), trainers and automation programs that interact in any way with the Services, tunneling, third-party program add-ons, and any interference with online or network play;

Use Play-Super-Games’s name, any Play-Super-Games or Play-Super-Games licensor’s trademark, logo, or other proprietary information, the content of any text, or the layout and design of any page or form contained on a page, without Play-Super-Games’s express written consent; use, display, mirror, frame, or utilize framing techniques to enclose our Services, or any individual element or materials within our Services;

Use, tamper with, or access private areas of our Services, Play-Super-Games’s computer systems, or Play-Super-Games’s providers’ technical delivery systems;

breach any security or authentication measures or attempt to probe, scan, or test any Play-Super-Games system or network for vulnerabilities;

Avoid, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around;

Use any engine, software, tool, agent, device, or mechanism (including spiders, robots, crawlers, data mining tools or the like) other than the software and/or search agents provided by Play-Super-Games or other generally available third-party web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Opera) to access or search our Services or Play-Super-Games Content, or download Play-Super-Games Content from our Services;

Send any form of unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, chain letters, spam, junk mail, or email;

Utilize a Play-Super-Games or Play-Super-Games licensor’s trademark, logo URL, or product name in any meta tags or other hidden text or metadata without Play-Super-Games’s express written consent;

Use Play-Super-Games Content or our Services in any way that is not permitted by these Terms, whether for profit or for the benefit of third parties;

In order to send altered, deceptive, or false source-identifying information, forge any TCP/IP packet header or portion of the header information in any email or newsgroup posting;

Attempt to decipher, decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer any software utilized in the provision of our Services or Play-Super-Games Content;

Sending viruses, flooding, overloading, spamming, or mail-bombing our services are all examples of ways to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the access of any user, host, or network. without the express permission of the users of our Services, collect or store any personally identifiable information about them;

Falsify your affiliation with any person or entity or impersonate them;

Allow or encourage someone else to do any of the above; Post content from other members or act in a way that violates another member’s rights:

harass, intimidate, or bully any Service member;

solicit login credentials from another Member, collect content from Users, or otherwise gain access to the Services through automated means, such as bots, robots, or spiders;

Make a Play-Super-Games Account for someone else in addition to yourself;

Use your member profile for your own personal profit;

Use third-party software, exploits, hacks, bots, mods, or other methods to alter or disrupt the Service or gain a perceived or actual advantage over other members;

Misuse or take advantage of a bug, error, or component in the Help;

Post spam or repost removed content in the official Play-Super-Games Forums; engage in any fraudulent behavior, including but not limited to credit card scams or credit card misappropriation. Posting the same content multiple times or republishing a thread or topic that was removed from the forums are examples of this. Unsportsmanlike conduct

Sharing an account, including but not limited to giving someone else your username and password so they can log in on your behalf; breaking any laws or regulations that may be in effect.

We reserve the right, but do not have to, pay attention to or get involved in user disputes. Play-Super-Games may, at our sole discretion, take any number of actions, including but not limited to sending a warning, blocking communications, suspending, off-lining, banning or terminating your Account for either a short or long period of time, blocking login, deleting game files, and so on, depending on the circumstances. We reserve and maintain the final authority to interpret and act on your inappropriate behavior in light of the relevant circumstances.

We reserve the right to immediately suspend your access to the Play-Super-Games Services for an indefinite period of time, block your Account, terminate your access to our services, and/or terminate this TOS if you violate this TOS or engage in any user behavior that is, in our sole discretion, an abuse, in violation of the spirit of the Play-Super-Games Game(s), or otherwise inappropriate or objectionable to a portion or group of the public.

  1. Links and Materials from Third Parties Links and Materials from Third Parties Our Services may include links to websites or resources from third parties. You agree that Play-Super-Games is not accountable or liable for: i) whether or not these websites or resources are accurate; or (ii) the goods, services, or content found on these websites or resources. Play-Super-Games does not endorse the content, products, or services on these websites or resources or the websites or resources themselves by linking to them. If you use any of these websites or resources, you are entirely responsible for them and bear all risks associated with them. The usual rates for billing your mobile carrier will apply if you use our services on their networks. Additionally, materials from third parties, such as Third-Party Mobile Applications, may be included in some of the content, products, and services accessible through our Services. You concur that Play-Super-Games isn’t answerable for analyzing or assessing outsider substance, or such happy’s precision, and Play-Super-Games warrants and wills not has no risk or obligation regarding any Outsider Portable Applications, or for some other materials, items, or administrations of outsiders. You acknowledge that Play-Super-Games bears no liability for your use of Third-Party Mobile Applications or any other Third-Party Materials in a manner that would infringe or violate the rights of any third party.
  2. Sweepstakes and Contests Play-Super-Games may allow sweepstakes, contests, and other similar promotions to be offered through the Services (collectively, “Promotions”). The “Official Rules” of each Promotion in which you participate through the Services should be carefully read by you because they may contain additional important information about Play-Super-Games’s rights to and ownership of the submissions you make as part of the Promotion and as a result of your participation in such Promotion. The terms and conditions of those Official Rules will take precedence in the event of a conflict between these Terms and those Official Rules.
  3. Play-Super-Games may, at any time, suspend or terminate your Play-Super-Games Account and deny you access to our Services if, in its sole discretion, it suspects or determines that you may have or that there is a significant risk that you have: ( i) failed to abide by any of Play-Super-Games’s policies or rules or any provision of these Terms; ii) Engaged in actions related to or while using our Services that may be illegal or result in liability, harm, embarrassment, harassment, abuse, or disruption to Play-Super-Games Users, Play-Super-Games, or our Services; or (iii) violated someone else’s proprietary rights, privacy rights, or intellectual property rights, including as a repeat violator. In addition, in the event of any of the aforementioned, Play-Super-Games may, without notifying you, notify the authorities or take any other steps it deems necessary. By sending an email to service, you can cancel your Play-Super-Games Account at any time and for any reason.
  4. Effects of Termination and Account Suspension If you or we terminate your Play-Super-Games Account for any reason, you will lose access to it. Play-Super-Games Accounts that have been closed cannot be reactivated; After a Play-Super-Games Account has been closed, any new Play-Super-Games Account you create is a one-of-a-kind account. You acknowledge and agree that any Virtual Items to which you had access through your Play-Super-Games Account at the time of termination will be lost, no longer be accessible to you, and you will have no right to them if either you or we terminate your Play-Super-Games Account for any reason. You acknowledge and agree that Play-Super-Games may redeem and use the Virtual Currency in your Play-Super-Games Account at the time of termination for any purpose it chooses, and that you will not be entitled to that Virtual Currency when your Play-Super-Games Account is terminated for any reason by either you or us. You also understand and agree that (i) Play-Super-Games may redeem and use the Virtual Currency in the Inactive Account at any time for any purpose it chooses, and that on the account becoming an Inactive Account you will have no right to that Virtual Currency; and (ii) Play-Super-Games may use the Virtual Currency in the Inactive Account at any time for any purpose it chooses. (ii) Any Virtual Items to which you had access prior to the account becoming inactive will be lost, you will no longer be able to access them, and you will have no legal claim to them. You agree that Play-Super-Games is not obligated to issue a refund for any reason, and that, regardless of how they came about, you will not be compensated for any virtual currency or virtual goods that you have not used in an inactive account or that were in a terminated Play-Super-Games account. All licenses and other rights granted to you by these Terms will immediately end upon any termination, and you agree that we will no longer be obligated to provide our services. If you stop using our services or stop using them, Play-Super-Games will not be responsible to you or any other person. Any content, materials, or information (including user content) that you have submitted on our services or that is related to your Play-Super-Games account may no longer be accessible by you upon termination or suspension of your Play-Super-Games account. In addition, neither Play-Super-Games nor any third parties will be obligated to keep or transmit any information pertaining to your Play-Super-Games Account that is stored in our database. Your obligations to Play-Super-Games under these Terms—including, but not limited to, proprietary rights, ownership, indemnification, and limitation of liability—will not be affected by any suspension, termination, or cancellation. These obligations are intended to last regardless of the circumstances.
  6. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Play-Super-Games, its officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees, relating to User Content you submit to Play-Super-Games, your use of our Services or Play-Super-Games Content, or your violation of these Terms.
  7. Limitation of Liability You acknowledge and agree that, to the greatest extent permitted by law, you bear all risks associated with your use of our services, Play-Super-Games content, and user content. Play-Super-Games AND ANY OTHER PARTY INVOLVED IN CREATING, PRODUCING, OR DELIVERING OUR SERVICES OR Play-Super-Games CONTENT WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING LOST PROFITS, LOSS OF DATA OR LOSS OF GOODWILL, SERVICE INTERRUPTION, COMPUTER DAMAGE OR SYSTEM FAILURE, OR You specifically acknowledge that Play-Super-Games is not responsible for the defamatory, obscene, or illegal behavior of other users or third parties, and that you alone bear the risk of harm from the foregoing. In addition, neither you nor any third party shall be liable to Play-Super-Games for any user content or third-party content uploaded to, downloaded from, or otherwise obtained from or through our services. Play-Super-Games’s total liability will never exceed one hundred United States dollars ($100) for anything connected to these terms, the use of our services, Play-Super-Games content, or user content therein or provided therein. The fundamental elements of the basis for the bargain between Play-Super-Games and you are the limitations on damages outlined above. The above limitation may not apply to you because some jurisdictions do not permit the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages.
  8. Notices Concerning Trademarks and Other Proprietary Rights Play-Super-Games’s and our licensors’ trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, and any other proprietary designations used in connection with the Services are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Play-Super-Games. The respective owners of any other trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, or proprietary designations are the trademarks or registered trademarks.
  9. Controlling Law and Jurisdiction These Terms and any action taken in connection with them will be governed by the laws of Hong Kong without regard to its provisions regarding conflicts of laws. In accordance with the HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules in effect at the time the Notice of Arbitration is submitted, any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms shall be submitted to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC). The language of the arbitration will be English, the number of arbitrators will be one, and the seat of the arbitration will be Hong Kong.
  10. Complete Agreement These Terms supersede and replace any prior oral or written understandings or agreements between Play-Super-Games and you regarding our Services and Play-Super-Games Content. They constitute the complete and exclusive agreement between Play-Super-Games and you regarding our Services and Play-Super-Games Content.
  11. Assignment Without Play-Super-Games’s prior written consent, you may not assign or transfer these Terms by operation of law or otherwise. Without this consent, your attempt to assign or transfer these Terms is null and void. These Terms may be freely assigned by Play-Super-Games. The parties, their heirs and permitted assigns will be bound by and benefit from these Terms subject to the foregoing.
  12. Notifications You consent to their use: i) electronic means to complete these Terms and send any required notifications or other communications; and (ii) electronic records to keep track of information about these Terms or how you use our services. Any notification or different correspondences allowed or required hereunder, including those with respect to alterations to these Terms, will be recorded as a hard copy and given: ( i) by posting on or through our Services, or ii) by sending an email to the address you provide to Play-Super-Games. The date that the email is received will be considered the date that the notice was sent.
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